Thailand Original Flower Spa


For some, patchouli brings back too many firtemorles of the hippy trail, but for others it is

one of-tfie most arousing, sexyfragrances. Popular in many of the Malaysian and Balinese spas, it is used not only as a perfume and room scent but to treat skin conditions as diverse as eczema and acne. Use in small doses or you could find your loved ones leaving home. Patchouli incense the most wonderful earthy aroma conducive to a meditative state.


One of my favourite aromas at home, sage is a real cleanser. Used in many. Native American Indian ceremonies, it is often used in the form of smudge sticks - tightly bound bundles of sage - that are set alight and then snuffed out and the smoke used to rid a room of any bad vibes. If you like the smell of sage, grow some fresh in terracotta pots and keep that in your bathroom. Otherwise, you can find sage-based room fragrances, oils and incense if you hunt around.


Inhaling sandalwood is like stepping into the souk in Marrakech or a Southeast Asian spa.

Spa is a tiny word thai has grown insignificance.