Spa Colour's effect


Like white, yellow helps open up a dingy, dark room and creates the illusion of space and light. Uplifting and awakening, sunny yellows always work as a mood enhancer and bring a sense of clarity and mental focus when used in room decoration. Incidentally, yellow relates to the solar plexus chakra, located just below the sternum.

Choose from creamy, buttery tones, vibrant egg yolk shades and deep mustards. Yellows arid creams compilement each other perfectly, creating a sunny, rustic feel. To complete the look, add simple pine or painted wood accessories, piles of soft, fluffy towels and canvas romari blinds or painted wooden.shutters.


From the palest peach through to brilliant tangerine, the orange palette will warm up a cold space and make it feel cosier. Orange is the colour that represents the sacral chakra - just below the navel - the centre of pleasure and well being. so it's a very positive and creative shade to surround yourself with. For a sensual sanctuary, combine it with terracotta tiles, simple earthenware containers and slatted wooden blinds for a feel that's similar to the Vista Clara Resort and Spa, New Mexico. USA. Or conjure up an environment reminiscent of the Nusa Dua Spa. Bali. Indonesia, by teaming orange with egg yolk yellow or dark green and adding dark wood or bamboo fixtures and fitting sand simple glass bottles and jars filled with bath body oils. Complete the mood by burning and alwood or jasmine incense.


Red is not a relax colour, although darker shades can make a room feel cosy. Red represents the root chakra, located In the pelvic region, and is associated with passion, sexual energy and strength. If you do choose reds for your sanctuary stick to terracotta reds and deeper tones and steer clear of vivid or tomato reds. Shades of terracotta predominate at Rancho La Puerta, Baja California. Mexico Teamed with other vibrant shades like strong, deep pink, egg yolk yellow and cobalt blue and natural materials like stripped wood, you can aeate a Rancho feel in your own sanctuary. Look out for Mexican-style pottery and tiles to complete the look.