Colour's of Spa


Being the colour of the water and the sky, blue always has a feel-good association. Used in many spas to create a sense of calm and relaxation, on a practical level, light translucent blues

can also help to attract light into a dark room. From the palest of baby blues to more vibrant hyacinth or bluebell, blue brings with it a seaside, holiday feel and works well in the context of a bathroom. Deeper Moroccan-style cobalt and lapis blues can be teamed with mosaic wall tiles and terracotta floor tiles to create an exotic oasis.


Fora spa-style space, choose the palest,most light reflective greens and Team them with fresh white, terracotta or drenched yellow. On a spiritual note, green is the colour of the heart chakra. It is a famously soothing, harmonious colour that creates a natural, environment. For a stronger statement, go for bolder shades such as turquoise and lime. Greens work well with natural wood or bamboo bathroom accessories and plain white baths and sinks. Recreate the tranquillity at Chiva-Som International Health Resort, Thailand, by using a combination of turquoise mosaic tiles, dark wooden accessories, pale green walls and potted palms and grasses.


Violet and lavender are often chosen because of their light attracting and purifying properties. In spiritual terms,violet is the colour of the 'third eye" - located in the centre of our brow and is a truly sedative colour that helps to calm the central nervous system. Violet also helps us to tune in to our more intuitive side and therefore enables us to successfully access our higher consciousness. Choose from the palest wash of lilac to stronger violets for a soothing modern sanctuary. This spectrum of colours looks best with clean, simple accessories such as chrome, stainless steel, pale blonde wood and Perspex. Classic objects such as a fifties Arne Jacobsen butterfly chair look perfect against lilies and lavenders.