Creating Your Own Sanctuary

Slit while escapism is an all-important part of the spa concept, in reality, few of us have the time or bank allow us to pack up and check in every time we reach crisis point. Spa resorts may offer a once-in-a-while retreat from the madness, but ultimately, creating a sanctuary within our own space is the key to long-term stress survival. As a mother of three and with a decreasing an wunt of time to spend on myself, no longer have the time or money to languor in the lap of luxury in far away spa resorts. The closest I get these days to pampering is a candlelit soak in the tub, if I'm lucky. So I feel that I can speak from experience, as I've learned to make the most of a home-spa experience. And while my bathroom of the moment Is a million miles away from my dream sanctuary, it's amazing what a soothing bath oil, a few scented tea lights and towels can do.

Indeed, it's perfectly possible to recreate the ambience that you might find at spas such as Canyon Ranch or Chiva-Som in your own bathroom by bringing in essential spa elements - aromas, accessories, indulgent pampering recipes for face and body, cosy, plump towels and dressing gowns. They don't have to cost the earth. It's this down-to-earth, practical philosophy that inspired this book. The tips, hints, recipes and inspiration gathered from deluxe and dreamy

spas around the world allow you to sample the food, treatments and programmes that are on offer - and all within the comfort zone of your own home. Or, if you've picked this up following a spa stay, it's the perfect take-home treat that will inspire you to keep up the good work long after you've left the spa behind.