Eat The Spa way to Health at Bangkok

Sandalwood has been used for centuries in rituals and is said to have potent mind and body relaxing properties. Sandalwood oils used at many of the Asian spas, particularly in massage, and is also very good for re-balancing oily skin (seethe facial biends given on page too). Burn the essential oil or buy it in incense form for 8 traditional sandalwood experience.


A favourite with Australian spas, eucalyptus has a wonderful medicinal aroma that really clears sinuses and helps to fight off colds and flu. Team this particular oil with tea tree oil for a really Traditional Antipodean rescue remedy. Eucalyptus works very well in the shower too. Put a few drops on to a sponge and then vigorously massage it into your skin as you shower.


Another favourite with Australian spas, tea tree has powerful antiseptic properties and is a great room purifier.Mixit v«lh a little peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender for a deep-cleansing effect. Add a few drops to a vaporiser or bow! Of warm water.


Popular at southwestern spas in the USA, Cedar is excellent for boosting flagging energy levels and low self-esteem. Itworks well combination with sandalwood. ylang ylang, sage and jasmine. Put a few drops in an oil burner or on 3 damp cotton wool ball placed behind radiator for a woody, outdoorsy aroma.