Minimal Desinged Spa

Take a close look at the design of most spas and. no matter where they are in the world, one of the things you will notice is that they all tend to be uncluttered, pared-down and minimalist.

Ornaments are carefully chosen and the number limited to keep distractions to a minimum. This

Zen-like approach can be seen at spas as far removed geographically as the Golden Door on

the west coast of North America and Chiva-Som in Thailand. Comfort comes from essentials like smooth aromatic oil sleek, glass bottles and over-sized cuddly robesthatswaddle naked skin.

In addition to vital prerequisites like towels, slippers and bathrobes, Sean Harrington, managing director of Elemis and creator of over 300 spas worldwide, cites lighting, music,stones and pebbles as favourite home spa elements. The perfect spa is a combination of elements that

appeal to all the sense's - music, lighting, textures, aromas-they all add up to create a harmonious environment. Think about having dimmer switches fitted so that you can lower the lights for additional intimacy and cosiness and stock up on candles and nightlights. Lanterns and glass storm lights create soft, flickering light that is incredibly soothing and will help to put you into a state of deep relaxation. Aromas a real so essential in creating your home spa retreat. Choose the aromas to suit your mood, Whether you want to be calm,perk yourself up or encourage deep sleep.