Colour's of Bangkok

■Calming colour

The colours thai you use in creating your sanctuary can go a long way to improving your mood and, according to colour therapists, can even help to stimulate your immune system and protect against illness. Usir^g colour to uplift the spirits is hardly a new idea but one that more and more of us are absorbing into our everyday lives. Colour therapy is no longer the staple of alternative health practitioners - it has been readily adopted by everyone from beauty companies to interior designers.


From the whites to creamier calico and canvas tones, white creates a feeling of space, light and purity, perfect for a spa-like environment. It will brighten dark space sand spruce up and freshen a worn-out interior. White is a theme adopted at some of the most heavenly spa retreats. The

Philippe Stark designed spas, Agua at Delano. Florida, USA and more recently at Agua at Sanderson, London. UK, have been created using celestial shades of light from the crispest

brilliant white to the softest wax white. The result is a feeling of spaciousness, described by creator. Leila Fazel, as if you're floating on a cloud. Paint walls, ceilings and wood work with

matt or eggshell paint in different hues of white. Give plain, sanded floorboards a new lease of life with white paint Screen windows with billowing white muslin or white shutters.


Being the colour of the water and the sky, blue always has a feel-good association. Used in many spas to create a sense of calm and relaxation, on a practical level, light translucent blues

can also help to attract light into a dark room. From the palest of baby blues to more vibrant hyacinth or bluebell, blue brings with it a seaside, holiday feel and works well in the context of a

bathroom. Deeper Moroccan-style cobalt and lapis blues can be teamed with mosaic wall tiles and terracotta floor tiles to create an exotic oasis.