Bangkok Aroma Spa


Scent has the power to transport us not only to other times in our lives, but to faraway places, destinations that we may have visited In reality or merely in our dreams. Each spa thai I have visited has its own distinctive aroma that when smelt even years after, takes me back to my time spent there. In particular. Ten Thousand Waves, Santa Fe, New Mexico, emits the most wonderful mix of cedar and sage, native to that part of the state - one either and I am floating in a hot tub under the stars. Burning oil incense in. your bathroom will help you to create your own little temple, a space that is to you and to your family. This might be just the opportunity you

need to remind yourself of a favourite spa or vacation, in which case, choose a scent that conjures images of that place.


Always reminiscent of Provence, lavender is a clean, fresh scent that has potent relaxing

properties. Hang of dried lavender in linen cupboards to scent your towels and laundry

or burn lavender essential oil or scented candles in your bathroom to create a wonderful summer breeze the room,


One of the most popular essential oils used in tropical spas such as the Nusa Dua Spa. Bali, Indonesia, ylang ylang is renowned for its antidepressant properties not to mention the fact that It is a powerful aphrodisiac. Ylang ylang combines well with woody aromas such as vetiver and sensual oils like jasmine and rose.


Used in profusion in South East Asian spas, jasmine has incredibly uplifting euphoric and sensual properties. Add a few drops of jasmine oil to your bath, burn it in an oil burner or, if you can track one down, bathe by the light of a jasmine scented candle. Sheer bliss.